We just received the news that Hugo’s last year’s results are the current IPL’s tested world records. Competing tested was a decision he made, alone, exercising his freedom of choice, because his goal was to break a certain tested record. It was up to me and Carlos Daniel to support his decision with training method and medical supervision.

A few words about the higher principle of freedom are in order here. What makes these records so significant for us is not the fact that they were done under drug tested conditions. What makes them significant is that Hugo exercised his supreme freedom of choice, paid for and got himself tested to achieve his goal.

His records are:
– Bench press: 180kg
– Deadlift: 320kg
– Total: 765kg

We discussed this extensively and we all agree that the use of performance enhancing drugs is a right that everybody should have. Whatever one consumes should be an individual sovereign right. The moment we, as a society, allow individual rights to be compromised in the name of anything that is not national security or something at that level of gravity, we are compromising the fabric of democracy itself.

People naturally have the right to establish boundaries for the exercise of individual rights that hurt other individual rights. For example: everybody should be free to smoke. However, the smoke itself spreads through the air and can hurt someone else’s individual right not to be subjected to the foul smell and the health consequences of the toxic smoke. That problem was easy to solve: there are smoke free environments and there are smoking allowed environments.

Suppose the use of PEDs goes against one’s beliefs or even health condition (one might wish he could consume a certain substance, but his cancer makes it a very bad choice). Again, this problem is easy to solve: the individual will request to be registered in the tested division and, after lifting, he will freely submit a urine sample for testing.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? And it is. However, shady political and economic agendas make it impossible to dissolve the WADA and to get rid of mandatory testing in competition.

Hugo is my business partner, my co-author, my friend and a brother to me. And I am proud as hell of his choices. That, my friend, is called logical coherence.

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