Foundation steel

Buildings have foundation stones. They are considered the ceremonial building blocks to any type of construction. The expression comes from the Hebrew Foundation Stone, a sacred site of great importance. In the Jewish tradition, it is also considered the junction of Heaven and Earth.

When the expression “foundation stone” is used coloquially, the meaning is closer to corner stone or just “foundation”. The basis of something that will be constructed over it. It won’t be seen after the construction itself is finished, but it is there, it was there from the start and, without it, the whole thing could collapse.

Today, my mother found my old Fencing medals – the ones I won as a teenager before my weapon was taken from me (by very mean and cruel people I will talk later about). I thought they were physically lost – they were only alive inside me, where they are the foundation for everything I am today. I am alive because powerlifting saved me from a bloody death. And I could only be saved because several years before, Master Angelo Pio Buonafina lay the foundation for this learning.

These tiny medals, so delicate and beautiful (I’ll post the pictures tomorrow, I don’t have a camera on me now) represent the FOUNDATION STEEL of my life: my weapon.

(no editing, writing on my way to Colombia…)



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A vida é pentavalente: arranco, arremesso, agachamento, supino e levantamento terra. Life is a five valence unit: the snatch, the clean and jerk, the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

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