Philosophical thoughts from yesterday

Yesterday I was amazed to see some of the people involved in the absurd deals of power, money and much more that involved a crime of violence against me (text and video).

At first, I was outraged. But then I wrote down the following thoughts that came to my mind:

“Onde day, your indiscriminate opportunism, your cruelty, your sadism, your lowly instincts and feelings, your acts of treason and cowardice catch up with you. In your race towards NOTHINGNESS, they win. Pray to whatever gods may hear you that it may come before your last deathly breaths and you still can rebuild a life with some MEANING with the time that is left for you, since yours, now, is 100%  MEANINGLESS. Exempt of meaning. Tax exempt, guaranteed by your participation in illicit activities, morally exempt, ethically exempt. But it is meaning exempt, too. Because the meaning conferred to psycopaths in their urge to control others, by the accumulation of material goods and immediate satisfaction, that is not meaning. It is an objective. And that, even sewer rats have.”

“Tyranny is not so incredibly resilient and crime is not the second economy in the world for nothing. They require people with certain psychological characteristics in all their ranks. Mostly, they need lack of empathy, so they are EXACTLY psychopaths. That’s why they eventually drive us away. But not that far… One of the things the backward forces in History have against them is immediatism. They drive the “thinkers” away from the site of action, where they profit. But we remain at the margins, thinking, writing and speaking. We have a lot on our side. Our chief ally is TIME: we produce ideas, ideas merge through our hands and they effectively change the world. It has been so since the beginning of time (that’s why we have something called HISTORY). It his about POWERLIFTING? And other sports? YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


MARILIACOUTINHO.COM – idéias sobre treinamento de força, powerlifting, levantamento de peso, strongman, esportes de força, gênero e educação física. Ideas on strength training, powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, strength sports, gender and physical education.

A vida é pentavalente: arranco, arremesso, agachamento, supino e levantamento terra. Life is a five valence unit: the snatch, the clean and jerk, the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.


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