The Brazilian Strongman Revolution has begun

It took a while, it took a number of frustrated efforts, trials and errors, but now there’s no return: we’re on our way to join the international brotherhood in building a Strong world. After the last National Championship, an irreversible organization process began. Isolated initiatives in different parts of the country connected. The Brazil Strongest Man competition program, the Mogi das Cruzes Training Center and the Virtual Championship, a Sports-Environmental Education project are now connected into a network of individuals, institutions, “sports think tanks”, universities and corporations.

The Brazil Strongest Man competition program is designed to select and star the top athletes in the country in events of the highest level of difficulty. To identify and attract the talents for the program, smaller and diversified Strongman competitions will be stimulated all over the country through a series of strategies, involving technical education, social media marketing and other networking activities, starting as you read this.

The Mogi das Cruzes Training Center (MCTC) is a reality. Located at the city of Mogi das Cruzes, State of Sao Paulo, the Training Center was conceived as a space for social inclusion through sports. Still a big warehouse with two beautiful tires (550lbs and 880lbs), an atlas stone, four natural rocks (176lbs, 220lbs, 264lbs and 352lbs) and a few other “odd objects”, the MGTC is both a high performance training facility for Strongman from all over the country (and the continent) and a training center for other athletes, young people from public schools and other segments of the population that will benefit from “odd object” training.

The Virtual Competition is the core of the digital activities of the “inner sanctum” of Brazilian Strongman. Details will be shortly available at . In a nutshell, the VC is an innovative combined sports and environmental education program that will “viralize” Strongman and “odd object” training in tandem with environmental awareness and the promotion of proactive health action throughout the country.

A team comprising the highest authorities in sports medicine (Dr. Paulo Muzy), nutrition (Rodolfo Perez), physiotherapy (Marco Maldonado), sports science (researchers from the University of São Paulo, UNIFIEO, FEFISO, VERIS) provides the technical support to the leaders of the Strongman Movement, who actively constructed and manage this network.

Strongly committed to health promotion and social inclusion, Brazilian Strongman is here to stay.


Brazil Strongest Man: Marcos Mohai ([email protected] )

Mogi Guaçu Training Center ([email protected] , [email protected] )

Strongman Virtual Competition ([email protected] )

International liaison: Dr. Marilia Coutinho ([email protected] and [email protected])

Images from the Mogi Training Center

Mohai, Marcos, Paulo and Sandro

Sandro Ueno

Mohai and Marcos Feitosa

Marcos Feitosa with a natural stone

Mohai at the Mogi Training Center

Marcos Menezes at the Mogi Training Center

Marcos Feitosa at the Mogi Training Center

Alessandra Ueno, the STRONG GIRL!

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