Joel is in Vancouver. He’s having fun with old friends from Crossfit. I watch the pictures and I miss the place.

I’ve been to Vancouver a long time ago, I guess in the year 2000. I had my sister Lena, my niece Suri and my daughter Mel with me.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and hospitable places I have visited. And believe me, I’m quite a drifter. Never spent too long anywhere to grow roots.

My strongest memories from Vancouver are the belugas. The Vancouver aquarium is an experience that simply can’t be missed by Nature lovers such as myself.  Please take some minutes to watch the beluga web cam.

I met an older beluga, I don’t recall her name. She was a wise lady, 35 and healthy, with a young baby. She looked at me with curiosity. I wonder what went on in her mind. She seemed thoughtful. We were downstairs on opposite sides of the glass.

At surface, they surfaced. They all watched us, smiling politely.

The wise lady passed away. I remember I read the news about that and I was sad.

The other wonderful memory I have from Vancouver is Stanley Park. It was a warm afternoon. Warm enough for me to find it pleasant. Which probably wasn’t over 25 celsius.

People walked around carrying babies, many mixed couples and some native american activities. This is pretty strong and political in Vancouver. The level of inter-ratial tolerance and even friendlyness was visible. One could breath tolerance and acceptance.


I sat there with the girls of my life and watched. I remember thinking “I could live here forever”.

I was sure about this thought when we had dinner: the food is good and inexpensive.

I spent four days in Vancouver.

I still believe I could live there forever.

Have fun, Jo. Enjoy each second.


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