I’m back from an intense weekend of training and teaching. Joel Fridman and I developed the first WEIGHTLIFTS program in the country and this was its first edition. For more than one year, we discussed this project. We believed the five weightlifts (snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench press and deadlift)  are complementary, basic to any strength and conditioning program and even to the ability to think life as a movement adventure. We trained together, we cross-coached, sharing our expertise in our respective arts (weightlifting and powerlifting) and we developed an integrated language about Strength and Movement that resulted, among other things, in this first course offered this weekend at Crossfit Brasil.

I am very tired, a little sore, hungry and dirty. As soon as I fix these issues, I’ll be back for a more thorough discussion on what I believe may be a new era of integrated thinking about Strength in our country.

All in all, both of us are very happy. Our brainchild is a great success!!



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  • Jester

    Marilia, just wanna let you know you are definentally 100% solid in my book! I dig your post and your beliefs, while not judging n never showing worry about being judged. Your Passion for the sport in general matches your knowledge and shows in the diffrent posts you put up! I wish woman in all sport, but especially in the weight game had more exposure n like working for a woman I have no problems with the awesome strength that a woman can attain. Keep doin what u do and keep the posts. You share a lot of info without prejudice! Lady (with the true meaning of the word) rock I’m s huge fan n like other great woman on f.book I look forward to what your opinions are and getting a perspective diffrent then re reading what (with no disrespect) men or magazines share on a regular basis! So keep on rockin… In good health n strength…..Jester

    • Marilia Coutinho

      Thank you so much, Jester!