Again about the golden numbers – keeping powerlifting boring and kosher

(read “Numbers” before)


One day I calculated the safe time for alternating squat rounds (flights A and B), the time required to change the equipment on the platform for the bench press rounds, plus all that and the deadlift rounds. I summed the operational arrangements time and came to the “golden” number of 30 lifters per platform, per day.

By simple deduction, we would have 90 lifters per platform, per day, for a single lift event.

Amazingly, that was the same conclusion reached by the RUM organizers. Also, 400-500 lifter Worlds by kosher federations require 4-5 days, on two simultaneous platforms. That means that counting the single lift events and the full power events together, we have an average of 50 lifters per day, per platform.

Following these numbers, a 60-120 lifter meet somewhat comes even with registrations: organizers won’t lose, but won’t really profit, unless they can make major cuts in operational costs, venue rental, etc.

A 400-1000 lifter two to four platform competition may be highly profitable. I have never seen more than two platforms. In thesis, it can be done. I don’t know of any kosher fed that can spare 12 certified referees at all times. Getting six good judges sitting on their chairs for 5 to 7 days is pretty hard, already.

There are no miracles in powerlifting. For a kosher meet, you need:

– three certified referees sitting on their chairs at all times for each platform

– 12 to 16 staff people per day, for each platform

– organizational power to get all this ready for the days of the meet

If I learn that a certain (national or whatever) competition was carried out during a weekend, on one platform with over 200 lifters, I do the math: something had to be sacrificed in order for that to happen. If I hear there were 1000 lifters, then I am 100% sure it wasn’t kosher. Something had to be sacrificed and that was probably:

– rules and procedures

– refereeing quality

If I learn that most lifters were happy, then I need no further proof that the meet was bogus and a lot of gift-lifts were given out.

There is no magic, no miracle, no negotiation with the “time master”. That is what it takes to make a kosher competition. All else is bogus.

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