Change, transformation, body and life

“People don’t change”, says House. “People always change”, says biology. So which is it? Both. This is a false dilemma, Just like the “nature X nurture” one. Some things are hardwired in us: our innate characteristics (if they are strengths or weaknesses, it is up to society to judge, and it judges differently). Others are branded on our souls like fire. Other than that, we change. Permanently. Some people make better use of the foundational principle of FREE WILL. Others less. But everybody will change. Until they die. Good news is: there’s a bunch of things that can be fixed. You can spend a lifetime with a fragmented body-mind connection and reach integration later on. Bad news is: change is directional. The direction your change will follow is not necessarily the one your close connections will. You lose people on the way. And that is ok. Loss is ok.

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