MAD Powerlifting – the sanest Project I have built

I don’t think I have told you about MAD Powerlifting before. At this point, I have eight coaches and eight formatted and tested courses, four of which are the foundations of our powerlifting education program.

But let’s start before all that. Let’s start with the logo. Take a good look at it.

logo-pb6a branco

What do you see?

Probably, a lifter’s shadow and a spiral – that’s all. And I wanted it to be that simple.

This spiral, however, is a special one: this is the Fibonacci spiral, or the “Golden Spiral”. The Fibonacci spiral is a logarithmic spiral with special qualities. Those interested in its mathematical description can read it here.

The choice of the Golden Spiral for my logo, however, goes beyond its mathematical fascination. The Golden Spiral has, for centuries, been considered the expression of perfection: formal, quantitative and even spiritual. It expresses the golden ratio (also known as the “divine proportion”) and natural manifestations that come close to its model are taken as evidence that the golden spiral in intrinsic to natural phenomena. Fibonacci fractals are also seen in nature.

In our logo, the Golden Spiral starts at the heart of the lifter’s shadow. The shadow is an expression of something’s essence. I believe most experienced lifters will understand this is Ed Coan’s shadow. It was not a casual choice: Ed Coan is considered by all the best lifter of all times. In human powerlifting terms, he is the closest we ever got to perfection.

The perfect movement, expressed by the Golden Spiral, is born from the heart of the perfect lifter’s essence. It has no end. It opens up to infinity. From the three basic letters of the kinetic alphabet – squatting, pushing and pulling – all other human movements are built.

And this is exactly our mission: we rescue people from a body alienation in which they were condemned to forget the pattern they were hard-wired for and gently lead them back to the basics of their kinetic identity. We re-teach them to squat, to push and to pull.

Powerlifting, for us, is more than a metaphor for the foundation of human identity.


MAD Powelifting website

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