Peace on Earth from MAD Powerlifting

While I still believe in the motto “Si vis pacem, para bellum” (if you want peace, prepare for war), this is the time of the year to think about peace. Stupid ritual? Maybe – maybe not. All religions have established special ritual dates to help people focus on some basic issues: Yom Kippur is supposed to help us think about who we hurt and make amendments. Thanksgiving is not just the day before an insane shopping spree: in spite of the bad things that took place between English and Native Americans, it is a date that exists in many religions to help us think about what we are grateful for.

The beginning of a Gregorian New Year (Jewish New year was in September 26, the Rosh Hashanah, and the Chinese New Year will be in February 19) has become traditionally associated with a concern for (World) Peace. Maybe because it is the official date for all international transactions, school year, and other global affairs: we need to think as one global society. Whatever it means to everyone, I still believe we need Strength, Personal Integration, respect, tolerance and acceptance. These are the principles that guide my personal and professional life. This is what MAD Powerlifting is all about.

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