Strongman e Odd object training – a first very practical course in Brazil (a training camp?) – funds for our South American Championship

On July 21st we’re offering a Strongman and Odd object training course in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. There will be a short theoretical part delivered by myself and my colleague Luciano Dias, where we will cover very basic issues on history, kinesiology and physiology. All the technical discussion will be “hands-on”.

It will be eight hours of very little sitting down and listening and a lot of sweating and getting their hands dirty. I think people will learn new things and I am sure they will have a lot of fun.

The course is cheap: we want numbers. We have a team of 10-12 people between speakers/instructors, instructors, organizers and staff. Everybody is working for free: all the money will go to the organization of the South American Strongman Championship (see digital art bellow).

This championship is a landmark in this sport in Brazil. It is the first time any championship is carried out according to international standards. The organizing body, Strongmonsters-Mogi, is now partner to American Strongman. The South American championship is a qualifier for the 2013 Arnold’s Amateur Strongman Championship. Dione Wessels, AS president, will be here to supervise everything.

All the equipment has to be manufactured from scratch. We did have yokes, farmer’s walk implements, etc. But they were not built according to the AS specifications.

A few firms are interested and some even committed to sponsoring the event. But we need the money now. As we are not taking any chances. Arrangements for the location and staff have already been made. We organized a National Strongman Referee Seminar for July the 22nd (the day following the course). It will be streamlined in order to allow everybody in the country who is in any way involved in Strongman to watch.

It is a small step for mankind. Actually minuscule, microscopic. But you have no idea how huge it is for us! Lol!




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