The aging powerlifting belt – a retirement plan for athletes!

I think I just had a great idea. I think I will start a business of aging powerlifting belts. Consider this: everybody knows an old and very well used belt is a good belt. Probably it is at its best when it’s really really old. Old, all stained with too much sweat and maybe a little blood, if you’re lucky.

So, in economic terms, powerlifting belts should be seen as whiskey: the older the better. Unlike whiskey, though, you can’t just leave it there to age: you must use it intensely. Otherwise, the leather won’t get that rubbery indescribable texture a very old and used belt has.

If other members of the community follow my fantastic idea, we can even standardize aging categories: there’s the 8 year belt, the 12 year belt and – wow! – even the 20 year belt (I wonder who’ll last that long).

But how do we produce such belts? That’s a tough one. How do you produce a good, old, stained, aged belt without exclusivity? If you grow so emotionally attached to it that you become monogamous, it won’t make either economic nor personal sense to sell it – ever. So you must buy TODAY a set of new belts and use one in each set.

You can also cheat, of course: you can use them in a sauna or do cardio with them. I believe it will work, but those will be fake aged powerlifting belts and if the customer finds out how they were aged, they might lose value.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the best business ideas I had.

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