The South American WPC powerlifting championship: how good is good enough for me?

We went as a team of two:  Carlos Daniel Llosa and I.

I am very proud of him. He broke all his PRs and lifted 225kg, 132,5kg and 215kg (squat, bench press and deadlift).

I did 145kg, 95kg and 165kg. Objectively, I was weak: the deadlift doesn’t lie. You may explain away the squat and the bench press, but if you don’t do the deadlift, you are not strong as expected.

Yes, they were mediocre numbers for me if, and only if, the following expectations are considered: 1. My recent training; 2. Previous numbers (which? With wraps? Wrong expectations…)

Objectively, they are not mediocre numbers for the 100% raw powerlifting 60kg female category (no wraps).

But since my good friends know how passionate I am about this sport, how competitive and agressive I am, by nature, I am receiving condolensces from everyone. And I know these friends are truly sorry and upset.

I am posting this text to end this inappropriate mourning. Let’s celebrate!

Nobody’s dead! My performance is definetely very much alive! I am happy!

Let us consider the following:

First: those who were close to me know about the serious health issues I have dealt with and that I have even contacted the travel agency to return the ticket to Colombia. I was seriously considering not coming. They know that being here was quite a challenge.

Second: everybody knows that I have trained to compete equipped and that I gave up equipment 4 weeks before the meet. I had 3 weeks to train RAW lifting. In sports preparation terms, this is NOTHING. I actually haven’t trained at all.

Third: yes, I got disorganized! In the third bench press attempt, I lost Dani from sight (he knew how to hand off the bar to me) and poor Carlos had to do the job. Now, I’m a terrible lifter to be handed the bar to. I am a sort of micro t-rex: really tiny with very short arms. It didn’t work and it wasn’t his fault.

Fourth: talking with my physician now, Dr. Paulo Muzy, we believe I had a serious and strong reaction to the warm weather. I have idiopathic heat intolerance. After the third deadlift, I slumped to the platform and started to laugh. Maybe a little hysterically because I was not feeling my legs. I started feeling them right away, I got up and walked. But I wasn’t sweating. It is possible that I had the begining of a hyperthermia episode – and this is quite serious. Who knows? I think Paulo’s opinion must be considered.

So, everyone, I’m still “best lifter”, the records are mine, the results only look bad because you are all so wonderful and want the best for me that you always want to see me on the historical record table. But an athlete’s life is made of more stuff than just her own achievements at the platform.

I saw and I lived wonderful things here. I was touched and thrilled with the great achievements made by my old and new friends. I was reunited with people I love like they were my flesh and blood, my powerlifting family. I saw Mauro Spinardi generously give us his best and amaze everyone with such an outstanding performance (320 – 230 – 330). I was in awe to have met a young boy who, I swear, will impress the world with his deeds in powerlifting (and, maybe, other strength sports): Joseph Medina. I saw Daisy overcome her own sorrow and lift like the world champion she is.

A powerlifter’s life is good, it’s amazing. It’s good way beyond her numbers.


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A vida é pentavalente: arranco, arremesso, agachamento, supino e levantamento terra. Life is a five valence unit: the snatch, the clean and jerk, the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

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