All swans are white

All swans are white. Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. Bovine milk is poison. Red meat causes cancer and hypertension. Cholesterol kills. The athlete is a hero and a gladiator. You, white male, need to check your privileges! At the end of the day, the athlete is a whore. Red meat is the best food for strength and contains the basic nutrients for human nutrition. All swans are white. All whites are swans. At the end of the day, the athlete is an Indian. We are all from the Pleiades and women have more intuition, while men, even Pleiadeans, follow cartesian coordinates. Defend your rights. His privileges are your rights. Every man is sexist, even when he doesn’t know it. Indians are Indian. Consequently, they are Indian. If she cries rape, it is because she is crazy. All gays are gay. Every insane person is insane. Insanity is hereditary. Consequently, we must sterilize the crazy. All feminists are hysterical and paranoid. Milk is the best macro and micro-nutrient replenisher and the most complete food. Soy is unhealthy and contains phytoestrogens. Whey is unhealthy and contains beta-lactalbumin. Casein causes autism. The water is contaminated. Soy is the best food. Squatting below 90o causes knee injury. Every easy woman is a slut. Every raped woman is promiscuous and came from Venus. Every strong person uses androgenic steroids. Every strong person is stupid. Every stupid person came from Mars. Chicken is poison. Fish are sentient beings. All the people who own fish bowls are gay.  Not squatting causes cancer. Children should never be taught to read before age seven. Breast feeding is unnecessary. All the children who are not breast fed develop trauma and respiratory disorders, and are from Pleiades. At the end of the day, the athlete is a disturbed individual. At the end of the day, the artist is a disturbed individual. The athlete is an artist, and both came from Pleiades. We are living the revolutionary stage – rise, oh victims of hunger. We are living the pre-revolutionary stage – sit, oh victims of hunger. The chief cause of morbidity and mortality in the world is not hunger, but rather overweight and inactivity. Every Indian is active. Every Indian is inactive. Every Indian ignores inactivity. Every Indian came from Pleiades. All swans are white. Some athletes are white. Some athletes are swans. Down with the dictatorship. Down with patriarchy. Down with hierarchy. Down with those that say down. Down with the swans, who are white and Indian.


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