Strength Coaching

Online coaching and programming is an individualized training supervision. It consists of:

This is all done after a careful analysis of the client’s objectives, training history, injury history, available training equipment and other parameters.

The first step is to fill out a form with basic information:

Next Steps

After filling the form and choosing the training period, the client sends videos of a number of prescribed lifts and/or movements. It is this analysis, combined with the information collected on the form, that allows me to design a strategy.

You can hire this service for any period. I recommend the following formats:

My Approach

Although some training facilities are better equipped for optimal training, we can program a training plan with whatever you have in hand. We are realistic.

These are objectives that we have worked with before:

I believe in multi-disciplinary work. With critical objectives at stake, I recommend working with a sports physician, a dietitian/nutritionist, a physical therapist and a sports psychologist. I have partners in all four specialties that I work with on a regular basis.

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