Gratitude and powerlifting – the journey

GRATITUDE. What does it have to do with powerlifting or high performance? I am not sure there is an easy way to find out. Gratitude is a feeling of having been benefited by something or someone. It is also a mental habit. We take powerlifting for granted as we do most things: we take our families for granted, our friends, our walk on the park and our sleep. Until one day these things are taken from us and we have to fight back to recover them because they are ours, they are part of what we are. The moment you hold it close to your chest, having taken it from the hands of the enemy (or death), that feeling, that warm feeling – that is gratitude. Sometimes we just can’t recover it. It is gone forever. Then we have a choice: mourn and feel sorry forever or recover and feel grateful for the time it was there (it doesn’t matter what). I’ve been slowly learning this new mental habit: gratitude. It’s no new age bullshit, it’s serious shit. Stuff for tough powerlifters.

This is where I share my gratitude journey: GRATIAS Gratiasmarilianas


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