Legacy – about Marcos Ferrari, the Brazilian strongman and powerlifter

“So I broke this yoke record, which is not meant to stay, but to be broken again”. Thus spoke Marcos Ferrari, the highest ranked strongman in Brazil. Today. Just for today, and he knows it. Even at a young age, he knows all athletic accomplishments are the best for a short period of time. Sometimes for years. Sometimes, just for a few hours.

Those we remember forever in the sports are those who gave back as much as they took in terms of glory and recognition.

One day, you, I and Marcos will be gone: dead. But for generations, people will remember that crazy blond strongman and powerlifter who paved the way for everyone else, helped everyone, had a bunch of kids (his fourth baby is coming in a few months) and always ended his lifts with a smile to the crowd.

Taught whoever came to him. Spread deep wisdom with simple words. Pointed out our collective ignorance, helping science understand its gaps.

I believe a lifter’s greatness is a combination of his accomplishments at the platform or arena and his legacy in generosity and wisdom. It is not enough to lift big weights. Big is to be big all around.

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