How to balance training and work related tasks for high performance athletes who are also in high demand professions (in six easy steps!)

Today I realized something wonderful about time management and multi-tasking for athletes who are also full time professionals in other fields. Since people like lists, here it goes (comments follow):

  1. Forget being reasonable according to society at large: training (your pleasure) comes first. Never negotiate your training time.
  2. If you establish you will have two sessions of training that day (for whatever reasons you have), DO IT – don’t sacrifice one of them because your bullshit report is due for today
  3. Once 50ft near an Olympic bar, feel free to be completely detached from your work related responsibilities (I know, it sounds insane, you’ll thank me for that later). Fuck work: you only live once, you owe this time to yourself, period. Intruding thoughts (also known as embryonic forms of guilt trips) will try to deviate your attention from the squat stance to the bullshit report: RESIST BRAVELY.
  4. When you are done with your training session, calmly register your sets, reps, loads, mood – whatever you like to register in your journal.
  5. Drink your post-workout-drink, which should obviously include lots of water, eat your stuff, breath, stretch if you like or want and unwind. The shitty world outside will be just as shitty as it is now, you might as well enjoy the last endorphin molecules in your brain.
  6. After you rationally consider yourself completely satisfied, then, and only then, migrate back to your office table.

Observational remarks:

  1. Evidence suggests your backload is a constant in your life’s equation. It won’t improve if you sacrifice something as awesome as your squat session. Call it constant “bl” (backlog)
  2. Evidence suggest that if you establish 2 hours or 20 hours to finish your bullshit report or the chapter of your book, for some cosmic reason I fail to explain, it won’t matter: you meet the deadline anyway.
  3. You will feel equally pressured and irritated under a 2h or a 20h deadline. So fuck the deadline: squat.

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