Into the mind of the coach

This is a series of interviews that some friends who are great coaches agreed to answer. My objective was to explore the personal aspects of each of these people’s lives that made them what they are: good coaches. That includes their childhood experiences and influences, the people they admired, and chance. Chance plays a big role in everyone’s life. They are no exception. So how did chance and these factors combine to make them what they are? What do they actually think of their profession? In what ways the things they learned on their journey can help other coaches? What can learning about the fascinating profession of coaching help people in general feel more inclined to engage in regular physical activity and sports? How can all this help athletes better appreciate their coach’s advice and plans?

I am starting with half a dozen friends. Maybe there will be more, maybe not.

There is a basic template of questions that I adjust to each person. Some have their own facility, so there will be questions about that. One had extensive military experience, and that was also explored. But the reason I am keeping the template is precisely to compare the answers and appreciate both the uniqueness and the common things they share.

I hope you enjoy it.


List of interviews:

Eric Grogin – August 24, 2015

Jay Ashman – August 31, 2015

Lord Elliott – September 6, 2015

Swede Cory Burns – September 14, 2015

Peter Baker – September 22, 2015

Jason Manenkoff – September 28, 2015

Greg Nuckols – October 11, 2015

Richard Ficca – November 13, 2015



Brian Schwab

Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

Janis Finkelman

Susan Salazar

Mike Peltz

Eric Cranage

Matt Gary

Shawna Mendelson



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