My multi-federalist manifesto

I, Marilia Coutinho, will lift wherever I recognize good, high level powerlifting; solid ethics; consistency in refereeing and a friendly enviroment. I am unconditionally devoted to powerlifting and irreversibly uninterested in politics and organization. I have friends in the sport and I like to lift where they are. I try to do that, unless they choose to lift in unacceptable environments. I really enjoyed the RPS and intend to keep lifting with them and supporting Gene Rychlak Junior and Ame Rychlak. I have good friends lifting with them. I have friends lifting with the USPLA and IPL, especially Scott Cartwright, and I have deep respect for Steve Denison for years. Therefore, I decided I will lift with them, too. I am a member of the WPC, I have worked hard to become a good international referee and I will do my duty as such. I have good friends at the WPC as well. But I am a free person and lifter. I wish there were no country representations, but honestlly I don’t see how this could be managed. I am not a patriot – will never be. I have written extensively on the dangers of nationalism. I regard my option of lifting in different environments as an exercise of my ideological stand on this matter and I will stick to my beliefs. That does not mean I will not give my full support for each of my chosen groups and show my deepest respect for their leaders. That does not mean I don’t have my principles and causes, such as the PAVA. It just means I believe multi-federalism is good for our sport (and probably any sport). Good federations are not or should not be enemies: they are partners in building a better powerlifting for everyone. That’s what I believe and I will act according to this.

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