Negativity in powerlifting

These last few days have been marked by a wave of negativity in the sport: all possible dirty forms of the infamous federation war, athlete bashing, angry arguments ending in open aggression – all over issues that have already been addressed in sober and more technical terms and never came even close to consensus. By that I mean the eternal and meaningless raw X equipped debate, squat height, etc. , plus gratuitous attacks on organizations and leaders.

The debates, in emotional form, are meaningless and harmful to the sport. The issues are important. Those who can, should contribute technical material to help athletes – experienced and new – think about such problems.

I felt sad, disappointed and a bit tired when I read all those dark threads after a highly demanding two day strength training course I taught during the weekend. One of the things that made me decide to leave Brazil is the fact that apparently there is no chance of a sober and technical debate about anything: all and any discussion immediately falls into a sea of emotion and all ethics is gone (not to mention content).

So, if this appeal reaches you – a powerlifting brother/sister – and you agree with me, let me know if maybe those of us who are opposed to shallow conflict, bashing and hostility are not neglecting a possible role as negativity quenchers, and how we could accomplish that.

To those of you who are letting yourselves be engaged in this type of heated and irresponsible discussion, please think twice before posting anything on the internet. You are probably a good person. Please consider my experience, from a country where this can never be brought to a civilized condition anymore: it is sad and corrupting to our beloved powerlifting.

If you don’t agree with the procedures adopted by a certain organization, don’t lift with them. One of the good things of having so many federations is the abundance of options. Live and let live.

Only psychopaths – people who were born with the worst deficiency a human being can have, which is lack of empathy and compassion – take pleasure in someone else’s pain.

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