On the role of supra-maximal loads in powerlifting

(of the series “random thoughts after training”)

Supra-maximal loads are important in the three lifts. Whether it is lockout or just isometrically holding the bar with the said load, it transfers back to performance of the full movement. Why? There is not a single scientific explanation for that – not one experiment or statistical analysis of field observation. My own practice and training of other athletes shows that it does. I believe it directly improves stability and, as I always tell my students, “stability is the mother of strength”. After some over-max work, the lifter handles near-max loads with a higher level of familiarity and firmness. The movement is more efficient. It becomes more STABLE.

Some people would think this is only important for equipped lifters. Not true: raw lifters tend to lose their familiarity with near-max loads without supra-max work. They become unstable and lose the lifts.

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