Science news of the day: Brain-gut microbiome axis

Brain-gut microbiome axis: it seems we are indeed into something potentially big

The article below is open-access, so go ahead and download it.

A few weeks ago I shared a folder-full of files on gut microbiota, gut microbiome and the brain-gut-microbiome axis.

As I pointed out, the hypothesis that this is a “big thing” in science is a mere observation of the publication curves anyone can see on a Pubmed search: it is recent, very recent. We’re talking about a surge in research and evidence accumulation of not much more than two years (although the curve’s tail is much longer).

The article below offers to close another gap in knowledge: the relationship between gut microbiota integrity or health and addictive disorders.

And now this is me thinking: apparently, one common feature in substance addiction and eating disorders is an imbalance of orexigenic and anorexigenic factors. Since the only orexigenic neuropeptide known is ghrelin and ghrelin is associated to addictive behavior, obesity and even sleep disruption related food cravings, I guess we have a winner. Research has already implicated microbiota imbalance in obesity and alcohol disruptive effects on gut microbiota.

What if all these things are actually related “from below”? If these impulsive behaviors – whether chronic or acute – also share microbiota imbalances we might be into something big.


Gut-brain axis and addictive disorders: A review with focus on alcohol and drugs of abuse


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