“Stuff from everyday” – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Powerlifters spend their whole lives having to fix small (or big) movement pattern or technique problems here and there. One might think that a very experienced high performance athlete doesn’t need to. Wrong: at each new injury (and they are inevitable and frequent), movement patterns are changed. They need fixing.

Besides that, we evolve. Our bodies change and we change the way we related to the weights. Sometimes it is because of an injury: lifters who need to shift from conventional to sumo deadlift because of spinal injuries, for example, since the sumo DL allows a more vertical torso throughout the movement.

However, young and talented lifters are sometimes too critical of themselves and perfectionists. In this case, the quest for perfection in form may slow them down and even create a small catastrophe in their evolution. They change the form at every workout because “it needs to improve”; they add assistance work to fix such imaginary deficiencies.

Sometimes, you just need to accept that it is good and all you need to do is NOT change it. Work in NOT changing. Strength needs stability to grow. Speedwork should be done on THAT form you are not supposed to mess with for a while. All assistance work will be designed to assist you in making this lift, whose form is already good, stronger, and not different.

Bottom line is: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t worry: along the years, there will be plenty of stuff to fix.

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