The Instagram Toilet thoughts #2: Be careful with anthopocentric biological metaphors: they are usually wrong

* the number of lion pictures associated with the values of aggressiveness, leadership, hunting behavior, taking action leading a group, moral superiority, etc., is amazing. I’d say everyday, in three toilet sessions (you know what I mean), there are at least three lion picture in a five minute scroll

* take a moment to read a little about Pathera leo (that’s their name) ETHOLOGY – the study of animal behavior. Don’t worry: you’ll feel embarrassed but you’ll understand there can be no anthropomorphizing in science.

* as in “you feel like a gorilla” can mean you feel like having a salad; you are APE something can mean you are up to jumping up and down and eating leafs. Gorillas would make wonderful dealifters and horrible benchers.

* work like a bee means your libido is inexistent and you’re ok with living a meaningless life to feed someone’s offspring, or, if you are the queen, doing nothing except make babies. Not even having sex: you have very little sex as a bee. Ant is even worse.

* all in all, mythological creatures make much better metaphors. Or not. It all depends on your ability to use them, not that much different than animals. “I feel like a bith in heat” means that at this point, your chief obsession is sex. No sub-text.

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