It gets better and better: the surreal response from the IPF international

Dear Mr. Scheiber,

I got it: understanding yourselves as “the” only-WW powerlifting federation gives you the right to disregard my right over my own image, because it was taken at a meet that you officially despise, right?
I loved this reply!


On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 12:58 AM, Emanuel Scheiber 2 <>wrote:

Dear Marilia Coutinho!

We are the IPF – International Powerlifting Federation (recognized by WADA, IWGA and SportAccord) and not the GPA.
We are the official World Wide Federation for Powerlifting!!!
The GPA is a fake Federation with which we do not work together!
So this matter is not for any interest for the IPF – please clarify this with the GPA persons!
BTW: I already know, which kind of methods these people practice!

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