Losing hope

This is not an essay. This is not an argument. This is just a note to myself and everybody else to pursue this line of thinking further, and also to share my very slight enthusiasm about discovering it. It sounds like a productive approach: the relationship between hope and burnout.

I haven’t really read the whole article, but would like to share it anyway – maybe we could read and think together.

I do, however, have this feeling that maybe the high-hope type is not necessarily opposed to the low-hope type, both of which are easier to study in their way towards crashing against burnout.

There is also the no-hope type, which might be the result of a “successful” burnout. The “I couldn’t care less”, “I really don’t give a damn”, “I don’t know what to expect and I don’t care – as opposed to “I expect to win”, or “I expect to lose”. Apathy. Indifference.

Food for thought. Light food.

Exploring the relationship between hope and burnout
in competitive sport

Henrik Gustafsson ,  Peter Hassmén & Leslie Podlog



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