More on my own hybrid training and how it is periodized

More on my own hybrid training and how it is periodized. If you look at my table with five categories of training components (powerlifting, weightlifting, kettlebell, bodyweight training and “other”) it will look like a sort of game with random dice throws. It’s not. This is a table I designed for myself in which I organized the exercise repertoires that may be relevant in different moments of my periodization. Some will be relevant all the time. I need power all the time. Weightlifting is a permanent component, whether someday I compete it or not. There is “some” WL everyday or most days, which means either full lifts or some accessory exercise. A few BW movements are useful most of the time – I’m still experimenting with them. Box jumps are great to improve power, pliometric pushups, etc. With kettlebell, I emphasize one or another exercise depending on the need. For example: my deadlift started to exhibit what seemed like the same problem at higher loads. So I videotaped the whole workout, from warmup to the actual training goal and bingo: I was losing lower back tightness. Looking closer, I was losing hip snap power. So, KB swings could help recover that (we’ll see), obviously combined with more specific exercises. So, along a periodized intensity and projected max progression, the latter based on educated guesswork (who doesn’t do that?) for the lifts, I organize the strategy with the resources that showed to be effective. These are the “hybrid repertoire” I mentioned before. Yes, I do “conjugate” on my strength days, thanks. Only my “strength days” are not necessarily only strength days. Does this work? All I can say is that it has worked, and it has worked for me. I have never designed anything this wild to any other athlete. I’m not that irresponsible. More on cycles, blocks and chunks of time later.

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