September – suicide prevention month.

There is a text floating around to raise awareness about suicide. In the end, it asks you to copy it and post to your wall for one hour. People do that automatically. The text is too careful with possible triggers, but the result is that it hardly educates the “normals”. Here’s what I propose: create your own text. Be honest: you don’t understand why people just have an irresistible desire to stop existing. You want to help, but you will only do so when you admit:

  • That it is weird and impossible to understand. Right, because the person’s mind works different from yours.
  • That you need to stop judging. Suicide is NOT wrong. It is SAD. It leaves a lot of people very sad behind. If the person was creative and smart, it keeps the world from having access to his work.
  • Suicide is an IMPULSIVE ACT – there is planning, but the event itself is impulsive
  • Suicidal states are AMBIVALENT – the person wants to die and not die alternatively, within fractions of a second. This, by itself, is torturing
  • Suicide IS PREVENTABLE. There is a VERY SHORT window of opportunity for that. Judgmental attitudes push people to suicide, not the opposite. Moralistic or religious discourses do the same. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being there when that moment happens, just be there. Listen. DON’T TALK. Offer sympathy and a caring body language. Be careful: move slowly. Never raise your voice.
  • Suicide is NOT A SIN. It is usually the result of a mental condition (not a disease: never refer to that as a disease). Suicidal people are more sensitive.
  • Some simple, apparently harmless or irresponsible cruel word may push the suicidal person just that inch closer to death.
  • Yes, you: you, internet bully. You may be a murderer. I assume you are, because statistically you can be and you don’t give a fuck about who you are harassing.
  • Suicide is FOREVER. So you fucked up? You said the wrong words? In the wrong time? TOO BAD. You deserve to carry that guilt forever with you. People need to learn to be accountable for their petty little cruelties.
  • Some suicides fail. You need to listen to these people. They’ve been there and know exactly what it is. I’m sorry, but no degree in psychiatry gives you authority to talk about suicide. Actually, the worst bullshit I read about it came from psychiatrists. Listen to US. Give us voice.
  • THEN you can help others survive. As I said, it is an impulsive act and it is preventable. Start by flushing your prejudices down the toilet. Then learn to be attentive to people’s reactions. Don’t hurt other people because you think everybody should be tough. There is always one little button that if properly pushed will throw YOU (tough guy) right into the worst bad trip of your life. Put yourself in the suicidal person’s shoes and maybe you can help to save him.

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