The public lynching of Lance Armstrong

I am a high performance athlete and I will always admire Lance Armstrong, for several reasons plus his performance. 1. AS AN ATHLETE, I DO NOT RECOGNIZE W.A.D.A.’s right or legitimacy to promote Armstron’s public lynching; 2. AS AN ATHLETE,  I publically reject Blazer Men’s authority over my body or anybody else’s (W.A.D.A. and I.O.C. officials, power freaks who never shared my love and devotion for sports); 3. AS A HIGH PERFORMANCE ATHLETE , I denounce the fakeness, authoritarian nature of the testing policy promoted and imposed by Blazer Men: drugs, especially the ones PROMOTED BY THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, may be lethal and very dangerous. If the money employed to promote Blazer Men’s power was directed to protecting the population from such hazards through educational programs, Public Health would be the target. As it is, they could not care less.

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The public lynching of Lance Armstrong


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