Communication crisis and how it affects strength and conditioning

A crisis of meaning, goals and time management fueled by inefficient communication. You have been programmed to read no more than 140 characters, with an optimum length of ….

(you have stopped there) 80. You will only go beyond this if there is a clear provocation, scandal, insult or controversy.

It affects everything. Small businesses are run by people with no technical training to understand they need to read the whole e-mail from potential partners. Most middle to upper managers and even small company owners read the first two lines of any e-mail. They reply with what a few years ago would not be acceptable from a bad intern learning to write commercial letters.

People expect you to reply to anything within minutes or seconds. Twenty years ago, replying to an e-mail in two days was considered pretty fast. I still do.

One of my best friends wrote me today in deep anxiety over this. He is a fitness celebrity, one of the few with merit to be one. He is swamped with “urgent” messages and e-mails and he hasn’t found an efficient manner to filter them. He is also known to publish 200-500 word dense texts on social media about nutritional facts and advice, and now he is trapped into public expectation over this oracle-like service to his followers.

Education has suffered to a level that there is no consensus on what to do with it. I don’t know what to do with it. I continue to write as I did before. I receive a small amount of “likes” to my social media posts, unless my text is under 140 characters long, has obvious controversy in it, picture or video. But I am satisfied with my role as an educator, in shifting forms. As for lifting… Well, everyone who matters knows I do. Who, exactly, needs more? Companies? No: my partners and clients are satisfied. My followers and students? They are also satisfied with youtube, website, pages.

I would like to help more, but I have to pick my battles. Like you do, like everyone does.

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