“Get lost, quack” – fighting off the fads in fitness, strength and conditioning

“Get lost, quack” is an initiative to express indignation and fight off quacks, bullshitters and scammers in continued education and information in the fields of strength and conditioning. It was designed by Hugo Quinteiro, physical educator, M.Sc. in human physiology, world powerlifting champion and record holder. Hugo is a partner at MAD Powerlifting, a company that provides continued education and other services in Strength & Conditioning. He is also a college professor.

A dangerous phenomenon is spreading like week in the strength & conditioning field: the self-proclaimed authorities. They claim inexistent academic degrees, athletic achievements and work experience. They have no scruples in doing so. Everyone loses with this: the true qualified professionals, the field in general, which loses credibility to the wide public, but, above all, the clients and students. The idea is to post each persons’ links, if possible external to one’s own website (government bodies, professional self-regulatory agencies, international sanctioning bodies, etc) and expose them to public scrutiny.

Here are mine:

  1. My academic “Lattes” curriculum (government platform – mandatory for all Brazilian scientists): http://buscatextual.cnpq.br/buscatextual/visualizacv.do?id=K4785749T6&idiomaExibicao=2
  2. My athlete bio, with links to official results: http://www.athletebio.com/bra1963f1
  3. My accreditation number with the Federal Physical Education Council (mandatory to all physical education professionals in Brazil): CREF 059869-P/SP (http://www.crefsp.org.br/pesquisaPF.asp?secao_id=48 )
  4. Links to my most important books in this field http://www.phorte.com.br/produto/1011/livro-powerlifting-volta-ao-basico-465/
  5. Links to media material about me – https://www.mariliacoutinho.com/en/marilia-na-midia/


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