Keeping healthy and injury-free when lifting weights – guest article by Mathew Foster

Weightlifting is complicated and very specific type of exercise. You can get great results when lifting weights, but you can also easily injury yourself, especially your muscles and joints. Hence why you need to have some kind of knowledge about the proper way to lift weights, in order to keep them healthy and avoid injuries. So, in this article we experts offer you some of the most important tips you should always take into consideration when weightlifting.


Flexibility is a helpful tool even in powerlifting, because it makes your body move better and feel better throughout physical activities. You should try to stretch daily, or if not possible, at least three times a week. But before any stretching session, a warm-up is mandatory, otherwise, you can easily acquire unnecessary trauma. Muscles cannot be cold when you stretch and your joints, ligaments, and tendons need to be loosened up before stretching, so they are ready for the upcoming stretching session.

Don’t stretch before working out

Even though stretching is great and even mandatory in order to keep your joints and muscles healthy, you should avoid doing any stretching exercises before a workout. Believe or not, but it can cause serious injuries. The main reason for this is because your muscles tighten up after stretching. And if you start lifting weights (or doing any other workout for that matter) with tight muscles, an injury can easily occur. So just do a non-stretching warm-up before your workout or, if stretching is needed before you get sweaty, give your muscles some time to breathe before exposing them to more taxing activities.

Be active

The more active you’ll be, the lesser the possibility of any injuries and trauma. You should execute as much activity throughout the day as possible. And it doesn’t even have to be a full-on workout. Simply take walk, or don’t sit in the same position for too long. And if you work at a desk, remember to get up every once in a while in order to increase your activity level. This will do wonders to your ability to avoid injury during workouts.

Be safe

There are many different accessories and products that can help to avoid joint injuries and can ensure that your joints and muscles are safe and protected. Knee pads and sleeves are one of these tools, because they will support your knees if you have already acquired trauma and will protect them if you want to avoid a knee injury.

Avoid any behind-the-neck presses

If we are talking about lifting weights and joint injuries more particularly, make sure you  don’t execute any moves that you aren’t 100% confident about. And always have someone beside you when you are doing exercises with heavier weights, so if something happens, they can be there to help you. Also, there are so called behind-the-neck press, which is quite a popular weight lifting move. However, if possible, you should avoid doing this move, as these exercises place the shoulders in an unstable condition, that can lead to injury.


You might have noticed that many professional weight-lifters have very good posture. That’s because poor posture can cause tightened, compromised muscles which can lead to pain. So, if you are lifting weights with bad posture, you can acquire very serious injuries, which can lead to serious health complications. And you should even practice good posture in your daily life, since habits have a huge impact on how you will be able to perform in the gym.

Work on your range of motion

Many people experience tight joints and muscles, that are stiff and not as flexible as you would like them to be. This might be because you don’ t have good range of motion. And you need to keep this in mind when lifting weights as well, because you shouldn’t try to achieve something that your body isn’t ready for. Therefore, if you wish to increase either your strength or flexibility, take your time and build it up gradually. Don’t try to go over your range of motions too quickly because it can lead to some serious injuries.

Keep your core in good shape

When you are lifting weights, basically your whole body is involved in the process, because all muscle groups contribute this type of exercise. Thus, you should really pay attention to your abs and back muscles and try to incorporate core strengthening exercises in your daily workout routine. They will help you be more stable when lifting weights and avoid injuries.

Know you limits

And lastly, know your limits. It’s as simple as that. The most common reason for knee injuries while weight-lifting is over-stressing your joints. So don’t try to lift more than you actually can and don’t try to prove anything to anyone. Grow gradually and increase your strength as you go. If you are dedicated enough and if you keep on working towards your goals, after few months you will be able to do a lot more than you are able to do now.

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