Message to lifters from a judge

  1. We are NEVER your enemy. We are your eyes while you attempt to accomplish something great. You need that feat to be witnessed and recognized. That’s what we are: we are your eyes, we are the witnesses of your great deeds.
  2. We don’t want to red light you. We will do it, though, if something happens during the lift predicted by the rulebook not to be valid. Inside, we would like you to get the lift perfect and press the “white” button.
  3. Judges are also teachers. Don’t waste the opportunity of asking why you got one red light when this is the case. The judge will probably not only tell you, but he might help you fix the problem for the next lift.
  4. Judges don’t have athletes, friends, spouses, or mentors. Anyone at the platform receives the same objective, yet benign look. While you are lifting, you are our responsibility. Together with the loaders and spotters, who you should never forget to thank after the meet is over, the head judge is the first person responsible for your life. If you are too unstable, he will ask you to rack back the weight. You might (as I have seen so many times) try it again and succeed. But believe me: we have a reason to stop you from squatting at an unstable settup. If you get hurt, we’ll stop the meet and get help. We are the first people responsible for that. We take our responsibility seriously.
  5. I’ve seen judges hold talented teen athletes by their side to make them calm down and get their lift done. I’ve seen too many judges save a lifter’s day by telling them quickly how to fix a problem. Within the limits imposed to us by the rulebook, we go out of our way to help you.
  6. A judge is neutral concerning the fight for the title between lifters. But how many judges have you seen giving encouraging words to athletes? Smiling at their successful attempts? We are neutral with respect to the fight for the title. But we are on your side with respect to your goals and your performance.

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