Motel 6: cheap and simple is ok, cheap and gross is not

This is a list of the complaint items we have about our stay at Motel 6:

  1. We arrived on November the 12th coming from a World Championship we had participated on – we are high performance athletes. We needed to rest. On the following day, the housekeeper invaded our room a couple of times (and not just knocked at the door) until my room-mate kindly asked her IN SPANISH (she doesn’t speak English) to come back later. She never did.
  2. We recognized a weird smell on the bathroom that we could not exactly identify. It is now obvious that it is unwashed urine at the toilet, but it would never occur to us that such a lack of hygiene principles would be admissible in a hotel such as Motel 6.
  3. On the 14th of November we left in the morning, leaving the room empty to be cleaned and indicated so to the front desk attendant. We said good-bye to her and left. We came back at 2PM only to find the room untouched: the housekeeper hadn’t been there.
  4. The front desk attendant openly lied to us saying that they thought we were still in the room and this is why they didn’t clean it. She had replied to our “good-bye”. I believe nothing must be added in terms of arguments.
  5. The housekeeper maliciously hung the “do not disturb” sign on our door. We observed it was there when we never hung it. As we left in the morning, the tip of the sign was outside our door. She obviously picked it up and hung it on the door to justify her unwillingness to accomplish her task.
  6. My room-mate kindly asked the front-desk to have the room immediately cleaned. More than 15 minutes passed and we had no response. I picked up the phone and suggested I was willing to file a complaint not only with the general Motel 6 management but also with the Better Business Bureau. We waited at the lobby while the housekeeper cleaned the room.
  7. When we came back, we observed she hadn’t even vacuumed the floor: there was a chocolate bar wrapping on the carpet.
  8. The bathroom still smelled like stale urine.
  9. Two of the towels were dirty: they were not changed.
  10. As the manager called us the following day, with a hostile attitude and ridiculously blaming us for the situation in which we are the victims, he indicated that our complaint to the main office would cost him US$100,00 and it was “our fault”.


Motel 6 Reservation Confirmation

Confirmation Number: 4618M02611

Guest Name: Marilia Coutinho
Arrival Date: Monday, November 12, 2012
Departure Date: Friday, November 16, 2012
Guarantee Type: Master Card
Number of Adults: 2
Number of Rooms: 1
Room Description:

Guest Comments:

Note: While every effort will be made to honor special requests, we regret that these requests cannot be guaranteed.

Rate Information
Mon, Nov 12 50.39 USD
Tue, Nov 13 50.39 USD
Wed, Nov 14 50.39 USD
Thu, Nov 15 50.39 USD
Total: $201.56 USD
*NOT including taxes of: 16.75% upon check-in (subject to change)

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