Passion and creativity and about not just wasting one’s life

Being a little averse to religious claims about things that you must do or be in this world, I’m really very interested in all sorts of ideas about creativity and innovation. Because I firmly believe you have no obligation to keep living and life is just a product of chance – not a gift, not anything like that. But once you are alive, you might as well not just waste it (which is tantamount to saying NOT aggregating any new idea or accomplishment). Therefore, to create things, to innovate or to do something extraordinary is the only thing that actually gives (any) life some meaning, I conclude. It’s a rather dark thought, since the immense majority of the world population throughout History will fall out of this meaningful category. But this is about how I feel towards life presently. So I enjoy everything Ken Robinson has to say about creativity, especially on a Sunday morning, but I don’t share his optimism towards humanity…

Ken Robinson on Passion

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