What it means to be called a “crazy bitch”

“Crazy” – for uneducated laymen, “crazy” is an umbrella expression to describe deviant behavior or otherwise authentic, unorthodox or any behavior that makes less reference to an exogenous code (be it mainstream moral codes, religion, etc). It usually externalizes resentment over the other person’s lack of concern over other people’s opinions.

“Bitch” – for uneducated laymen, it refers to women who do not depend on a male partner (financially or emotionally). Self-sufficient, free or single women who choose their sexual partners according to affinity and/or are not committed to a stable relationship are common “bitches”. Calling a woman a “bitch” is usually a symptom of resentment, since she is sexually unavailable to him or her, or she behaves in a way that appeals to the resentful name-caller.

Bottom line: “crazy bitch” is a compliment.

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