Recovery from Chaos 4: my rehab journey

My recovery has been documented with short videos and comments posted on Instagram. Here you can see the whole sequence, starting from bellow.

"Recovery from Chaos" – Complex squat routine part 2: that started with a static hold, followed by a set of ten full ROM squats and a set of 5/5 split squats. This arrangement proved to work better after the split squat only, the split squat followed by the full ROM squat and the static hold followed by the split squat were tried. This one resulted in the best stability for the split squat and the best subjective perception of the movement, hopefully also contributing to proprioception improvement. On a side note, this is extremely draining both mentally and at a neural level (there's only a number of sets you can do before you start displaying sings of lack of coordination, not necessarily fatigue). #recovery #mariliacoutinho #recoveryfromchaos #rebootinglife #squat #rehab #splitsquats #daniovercash

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"Recovery from Chaos" – this sequence was done on Saturday. Left hamstring tendon still sore, so single leg deadlift or good-morning were a no-no. This was a sequence of "box pistols" from the five level step to one level. A box pistol is more demanding than the pistol. Just like the dead or paused squat require generation of power from velocity = 0, the idea is to gradually reduce asymmetry in this aspect as well. It went well. I have an improved perception of stabilizing before a concentric phase is begun, always: since many tendons are compromised from old injuries (and now it is obvious that they were not properly healed), jerking movements or anything done without careful stabilization causes pain. Even some simple stupid leg adduction in a machine (because of the adductor tear in 2015 that caused partial avulsion at the pubic bone). Baby steps. #recovery #recoveryfromchaos #mariliacoutinho #powerliftinginjuries #powerlifting #rebootinglife #pistols #deadpistols #squat #hamstring #hamstringtendon

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