Rulebooks, calibrated disks and other things in powerlifting

WHY DO WE HAVE RULEBOOKS – because a sport, by definition, is a game. A game is defined as an autotelic (self-justified) activity ruled by a set of guidelines that must be respected by all practitioners

WHY DO WE NEED CALIBRATED DISKS – because we need to be sure as to the exact weight on the bar

WHY DO CALIBRATED DISKS AND BARS MUST BE CERTIFIED – because someone must be accountable for guaranteeing that the disks and bars are actually calibrated. Usually that means a government body or an internationally recognized certification

WHAT ARE CALIBRATED POWERLIFTING DISKS – they are steel disks which the manufacturer submitted to certification. They are necessarily painted green, for the 50kg disks, red, for the 25kg disks, blue, for the 20kg disks, yellow for the 15kg disks, black, for the 10kg disks and white for the 5kg disks

WHY ARE THE OFFICIAL SQUAT AND BENCH PRESS RACK/BENCH BUILT THE WAY THEY ARE – the official rack and bench have specified heights and lengths in order to accommodate lifters of all sizes and heights and to provide the safest lifting environment at the platform.

WHY ARE SINGLETS REQUIRED IN POWERLIFTING – basically, so that all parts of the lifter’s body are visible to the referees. However, certain rules are arbitrary and must be so just to make sure the game is played the same way everywhere


I respect everyone that self-defines him or herself as a powerlifter. However, I prefer tidy platforms where I can see all the colored calibrated disks and the proper official rack and bench. It is my choice to only lift when this is the case and it is my decision to rule my organization according to those standards.


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