Surreal image

Everything got out of control here: it was a peaceful demonstration against bus fares. Then the police were ordered to intervene. They did and someone ordered the shock police to intervene as well. People were terrified but somehow, the sheer incomprehensibility of the situation brought more people into the movement, which got HUGE. The police are the visible “enemy” and they are totally unprepared to handle such a complicated situation. This policeman is not from the shock squad. He is angry and VERY scared. So he sprayed the journalist. My opinion – as well as other colleagues – is that they were warned to keep journalists as far as possible. The reason is still more surreal: the press is AGAINST the protesters but the journalists are starting to rebel against their own employers. I read a lot of “fuck the press – long live JOURNALISM”. So, this is not about bus fares anymore. Not about the police anymore. Not about freedom of press anymore. Not about the government. It is about how to handle PUBLIC DECISION MAKING in a country that has only had dictatorial tradition. And this is the result: the most surreal image of an angry and scared policeman spraying a journalist who will not let go of his camera. I am dumbstruck…

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