“The Jenn” – a quick note from the Judge’s corner

This is just a quick note written at the hotel lobby (the Hampton Inn) before I hit the road headed to the Treasure Coast. This is not a writeup and not even a properly thorough acknowledgements article.

Let’s say this is a good-bye-see you soon note with many thank-yous and some interesting comments.

Florida is an exciting place to be and watch develop in the strength sports. At the USPA, under “Innovator Rich” (Mr. Richard Ficca), so many awesome things are taking place that the fact that “The Jenn” Women’s Empowerment weekend was such an exciting and successful event shouldn’t sound unexpected. It always is – that’s the nature of innovations: they surprise us and they excite us as we see History unfolding itself in front and all around us.

First of all, I’d like to thank Richard, Jenn, Vaughan and all the rest of the organizing committee. For those who were never involved in organizing a meet, believe me: it’s draining, it is hard and although it can be fun, it can also be a major pain in the ass. Usually all of these combined. So, guys, you did such an awesome job that you deserve all the accolades.

Our mentor Mr. Gordon Santee always teaches us that there are three items to judge a meet’s success: no misloads, no injuries and no controversies. At this very basic level, the meet was impeccable as well. From a judge perspective, we had nearly perfect platforms. Alan will be proud of us. We were “USPA consistent” all way through. I’d like to thank my fellow judges and congratulate the two younger ones, Jordan Wong and Matthew Levine: we are privileged to have you in our ranks.

Sponsors: you gave me reason to suspect something is actually changing. And your attitude, your willingness to take the challenge of putting your energy, faith and money in a sport traditionally considered unprofitable will lead the way to a virtuous cycle. Thank you so much: no matter how much we believed in this, if you didn’t accept the challenge, nothing would be possible.

Lifters: I have no words to say how proud I am of each one of you. I saw things this weekend that it makes it interesting to be in the Planet a little longer. Some were highly obvious to anyone: watching Ann Vanderbush lift is something one doesn’t forget. She’s still very young and I see a path paved with all time records before her. Watching April Schumaker lift is, again, impressive to anyone. To the sport scientist in me, it’s extremely exciting: everything too far from the norm is exciting. She is, and so is Bill, a quiet coach that has so much to teach and share. And what to say about Jenn Rotsinger? Nothing: her lifting speaks for itself.

We were privileged to have two great seminars by Annie Gunshow and Dani Overcash about training, nutrition, movement patterns and injuries (and much more, really). These exceptional professionals and generous women shared their knowledge with us for a whole weekend. Thank you, Annie and Dani.

For me, meeting people like Tony Conyers and other of the great ones – not just for their performance, but for how much they give back to the sport – was priceless.

And last but not the least: spotters and loaders, you rock. Thank you so much.

All in all, it was exciting, surprising and a privilege to be part of this.

Thank you.



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