The Polish Team

This was a rare and special moment of the Strongman Amateur Championship: the successful performance of the Polish team. I had met them last year, when Bartłomiej Bąk scored 6th. I believe it was Mateusz Ostaszewski’s first participation. This year I would bet the 22 year old athlete would top the podium.

Of course, special congratulations are in order to champion Mikhail Shivlyakov

I am specially grateful to coach  Robert Nemś, who took his time and patiently explained to me historical aspects of the development of the strength sports in Poland with its rich specificities. Once more, I was humbled by the wealth of knowledge out there to be devoured – the Gods only know when and how.

The Polish team gave an extra lesson in attitude, entering the arena with a broad smile and contagious happiness. I do believe technical performance and strength have a lot to do with such elements as happiness, a sense of belonging and a surrender to the art.

Thank you, Polish brothers, for sharing with everyone your powerful enthusiasm.


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