Wish list

Dear Santa: I’ve been as good a girl as it may be asked of me. So this is my wish list:

  1. Some logic. I will be grateful with just a little.  I know it is impossible to ask for honesty in human relations – that’s way too much even for imaginary creatures such as yourself or even deities, should they exist. But it would be awesome to be able to understand the workings of human games. You know: power games, ego games and this ever mysterious romantic stuff.
  2. Money. Lot’s of it. Or at least much more than I’ve been able to put my hands on until now by asking for the higher good. Fuck world peace, freedom or happiness. I want MONEY. I’m not that stupid to ask for things that require reasonable people, such as world peace, freedom or happiness before asking for logic. Trust me, buddy, I know what I’m doing.
  3. Decent pleasant weather all year. Not over 60F, please. I don’t care how you produce this present, that’s not my problem. It may be easier to provide me the means of being in the right cold places in the Northern and Southern hemispheres in their respective winters, with a nice training facility and working conditions. But if you decide to create my own private Winterfell, go ahead, it will be much appreciated.
  4. Bumper disks
  5. Truffle oil
  6.  A virus free, injury free year. I’m sick of those. Literally.




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