Four easy things you can do to improve powerlifting and the sports

1. Turn down “sponsorship” offers consisting of two pots of whey against you polluting your social media with their marketing material. The value of social media can be valued through different metrics, but I can assure you you are providing work of much higher value than the product you are receiving

2. Stop accepting discount codes from companies that supposedly sponsor you: this is a technical confusin and transgrssion of job description: sponsorship is about corporate communication and NEVER sales

3. Be proactive: choose companies based on merit (the best in their niches) and just support them. Don’t expect anything in return. Enough people turning down misguided sponsorship agreement and acting proactive in the support of good companies is enough for a revolution in the fitness market

4. Do NOT support the gurus. Learn the difference between reputable coaches/scientists/writers and self-made-marketing gurus. It is not hard (see Contreta’s list). Easy: don’t “like” their posts; don’t comment on them; ignore their existence: they feed on controversy. Don’t quote tem. Don’t confront them.

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